Dance away your workplace stress

Karis Scarlette writes in the Guardian Women in Leadership blog that “classical ballet is coming to your workplace”:

The past couple of years has seen an influx of traditional ballet and ballet-based classes, squarely aimed at the busy office worker. It might not seem an obvious combination, but pure classical ballet technique is the ultimate antidote to a high pressured, stressful working environment.

I work from home and use a standing desk… so I get to dance all the time. And I can definitely attest to its stress-relieving properties. Even if you don’t have the space or freedom to do full-out ballet at your desk or office, definitely take the time periodically during the workday to get up and stretch. Great for body and mind!

(Though I do wish they hadn’t used a stock photo of pointe shoes for the post. Dancing en pointe is not necessarily a goal among many adult ballet dancers, and only then it comes after years of training, which seems like a distraction from the post’s pitching of ballet to the casual office-worker.)

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