A dapper new name

Spring has sprung! It’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and launch a name change for my blog that I’ve been pondering for a long while now. Welcome to The Dapper Dancer, here at its new domain, thedapperdancer.com.

While I loved the old name, The Music and the Mirror, I wanted a new name that incorporated a bit of my dandy personality… and also had the word dance or ballet in it. Hope you like it (and that you’ll think of me when you hear it)!

I’ll probably redirect then eventually close down the old Music and Mirror site, so if you’ve been kind enough to link from your blog, please make sure to update your link. Lastly, just a reminder to also check out the Dapper Dancer Facebook page (thedapperdancer) and my general dance-and-more Twitter feed (@jefftabaco). Thanks and keep dancin’!

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