Ballet boys on ‘Jeopardy!’

Last night on a Kids Week episode of Jeopardy! one of the categories was “Boys in Ballet.” Neat! The kids left it to the very end, though it turned out to be a pretty easy category. By the way I was surprised there wasn’t a clue about Billy Elliot. Here are the clues and responses; test your knowledge!


  • $400 This stretchy one-piece garment for both sexes was named for a guy, a French acrobat
  • $800 In the ballet Checkmate, the red one of these gets to die an agonizing death at the hands of the black queen
  • $1200 Boys’ classes often emphasize jumps, maybe even the difficult tour en l’air, which means this in the air
  • $1600 (Daily Double) A boy named Fritz breaks this title gift given to his sister Clara by Drosselmeyer
  • $2000 After a performance, ballerinas curtsy; men perform a small one of these equivalent gestures
“What is…?”

Correct responses

  • Leotard
  • King
  • Turn (The contestant answered twirl, which was accepted.)
  • The Nutcracker (The contestant–the same one who answered twirl/turn above–risked $1000, but couldn’t come up with an answer.)
  • Bow

How’d you do?

3 Replies to “Ballet boys on ‘Jeopardy!’”

  1. I agree with your assessment that the category was not difficult. Even I, who knows virtually nothing about ballet, got all but one of the questions correct. Naturally, I missed the Nutcracker one. Classical music is more my cup of tea.

    1. Good job, David. Thanks for playing! 🙂 Watching it in real time on TV I have to admit I was somehow thrown by the Checkmate question and didn’t form an answer in time.

  2. I definitely wobbled over the Checkmate question, knew it was an Important Person, but not what particular sort.

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