Always dancing

I work from home, where I use a standing-height desk. While I do have a high stool to sit on, I usually stand, which is great for doing random steps and exercises while at the computer. So you can imagine me, even as I write this, doing tendus or dégagées and so forth (though I’ve learned to clear a radius around me lest I topple a stack of magazines with an errant grand battement). Or I’ll set the stool to the side, put my foot up on it, and stretch. Or sometimes I’ll use the kitchen counter as a barre, while I wait for lunch or whatever to heat in the microwave.

More and more I’m finding ballet steps working their way into everyday actions. I’d already been doing pliés or penchées when reaching for things on low shelves. Just yesterday I was putting drops in my eyes since my contact lenses were bothering me, and as I started to lean, I found myself going into cambré back… minus the arms of course, though next time maybe I’ll work in a little port de bras. Ha, once dance is in your body, it finds new ways to express itself!

What are some of your–intentional or unintentional–dance multitasks?

Addendum: Here I was talking about dancing through the day, and what do I find: a fun little piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, “How to apply ballet to everyday life.” (See also MAD magazine’s take: “11 little-known, practical, real life uses for ballet.”)

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