Tweeting at the ballet

Sometimes when I watch performances I write down notes in the program during intermissions, but more often than not… I tweet. (Hat tip to Carla Escoda of Ballet to the People and her bite-size reviews!)

March 30: San Francisco Ballet, Program 5 (Tomasson: The Fifth Season, Liaang: Symphonic Dances, Robbins: Glass Pieces).

April 12: San Francisco Ballet, Program 7 (Balanchine: Divertimento No. 15, Scotch Symphony, The Four Temperaments).

April 14: Ballet San Jose, Program 2 (Balanchine: Allegro Brillante, Lang: Splendid Isolation III, Welch: Clear, Tippet: Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1).

April 27: San Francisco Ballet, Program 8 (Tomasson and Posskhov: Don Quixote).

And on April 30, I went to Dances from the Heart, a Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation benefit dance concert featuring dancers from Ballet San Jose, White Tree Fine Art, Company C Contemporary Ballet, Smuin Ballet, Na Lei Hulu, Christy Coté Argentine Tango, Post:Ballet, ODC Dance, and Amy Seiwert’s Imagery. Ha, it was just too much to tweet! It was a really great night of dance from several Bay Area dance companies, all for a good cause. This was the first dance benefit of this kind for Richmond/Ermet, and I hope they continue to produce them. It’s wonderful to watch so many local groups on one stage, and it makes me proud to live in a place with such a vibrant dance community.

By the way, back to tweeting at–more like during–the ballet, I must commend Diablo Ballet for their Twitter nights and how well they manage them. It is certainly not a tweeting free-for-all. You apply to be one of the tweeters, and then they seat you in the back row where you can report on the performance using your phone. I was at a performance there earlier this year (not as a tweeter), and it wasn’t intrusive at all. Good for Diablo Ballet for experimenting with ways to grow and engage its audience.

OK, don’t worry, my long(ish)-form reviews will come back soon, but if you’re into the bite-size bits of dance (and a lot of other stuff), do follow me at @jefftabaco.

Coming up: I’m off to Ballet San Jose’s Cinderella tonight, and Smuin Ballet tomorrow.

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    1. Thanks! To be honest I when I started the blog post as a full-on review, I went back to my tweets to jog my memory, and I thought, hey, why not post the tweets? I’m definitely getting the hang of intermission tweeting, ha.

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